WWDC 20 – an exciting time to be a developer

As a software engineer, I eagerly look forward to Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference each year – but this year was different in many ways.

Due to the pandemic, WWDC was completely online this year, with Apple showcasing an impressive keynote giving fans a glimpse into Apple’s impressive HQ in California.

But it wasn’t (completely) just about Apple showing off it’s clean futuristic looking head office, because we had loads of exciting updates announced on Apples operating systems: iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS – and my personal favourite, macOS.

As a developer, it’s great so see where our apps can take us. In iOS 14, a great new feature is home screen widgets, which is something I’m already obsessed with.

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I just hope that Apple will allow us to create custom widgets for our own apps. There are some apps that I’ve seen which would benefit massively from – something like Spotify is a must for a home screen widget!

App Cards is also an exciting prospect. You now don’t need to download an app if you’re only going to use it for a certain activity. App Cards will prompt you whenever an app is available depending on your location. So say you’re at a restaurant or something, your iPhone will prompt you if there is an app available so you can order your food. Pretty handy when you think about it – how many times have you been somewhere and been scrolling through the App Store to see if there is an app? Now you iPhone will automatically tell you!

Also Apple has made it a priority this year to tidy up your home screen. Rather than having endless pages of apps, you can now display the apps you use the most on your first couple of pages and then the rest are throw into the App Library, so you can quickly search for an app you may need.

I’ve been using iOS 14 for about a week now, and it’s pretty great. I’m really looking forward to developing some apps with the new extended features like App Cards in the near future, I think developers and clients a like are going to really benefit for the new features.

There was plenty that Apple announced at WWDC this year, but I’m not going to ramble through the lot here, I just wanted to share my excitement for the new iOS enhancements as that is really an area I am aiming to expand into in the next 12 months.

I may comment on macOS’s horrendous redesigned icons in future post, but I might give Apple the chance to redeem themselves first!

To see the full WWDC keynote, click here!