UX/UI Design

Designing every pixel of your user interface.

Design, build, deliver.

I don't just build websites and interfaces, I also design them. If you require a design concept of a website, app or bespoke system, I can help get the finer details just right and work closely with developers to ensure the transition from concept to a working interface is exactly to your requirements - or I can build it for you myself!

Setting a roadmap, with the user at the centre of the journey.

When designing a UI or UX, It's important to plan the user journey. How is the user going to interact? Where does the interface need to take them? These are the fundamental questions I ask myself when designing your website or application. If it makes sense to the user, it will succeed. If not, it will fail. It's that simple. A user will decide if they are going to continue to use a system within 5 seconds of viewing the UI for the first time, so getting the design right is critical to success.

I started working with James quite recently and have given him a number of projects to work on. He understands our requirements and has produced some great work for us. Looking forward to working with him on some of our larger projects. Highly recommended.

- Tony Yates, CKR

Be unique, be noticed.

I design every interface from the ground up. No matter if it is a website, app or intranet system - I never use templates or 3rd party resources as I believe this can have a negative output on the user experience. Everything is thought out, planned and designed to a high standard to create a uniquely looking application that relates to your brand.

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