The Complete Kitchen Renovation Co.

I was commissioned by Baileys Kitchen Renovation to design a new company logo and website, as well as other materials to represent a brand new company, The Complete Kitchen Renovation Co.

Client: CKR

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JS Joinery

I was contacted by John Sharples Joinery services to design and build a website to boost the compay's online presence. Client: John Sharples Joinery Services More Projects Chorley G1The task of this project was to create a logo design for a local residents group in Chorley, managed by RMG living. Client: RMG More ProjectsRead more

Lloyd Hall Bespoke

Lloyd Hall Bespoke Tailors approached me to design a series of marketing materials and media, including a brochure, Christmas gift cards, letterheads and more... Client: Lloyd Hall Bespoke More Projects


I was contacted by aerial UAV specialists, Skyhawx, to create a company logo which would ultimately be used across the brand including uniforms, the website as well as becoming the central part of the company vehicle. Client: Skyhawx More Projects